Book Review: Rock Stars are Fun

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Rock Stars are Fun by Kelly D. Smith is book two in the Hooch in Hades series and it now gets its own book review. This installation follows Kenda’s friend Paige and her romance with guitarist Kyle. I reviewed the … Continued

Why you should read the Sookie Stackhouse books

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If you know the show True Blood, the series is based off The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris. Sookie Stackhouse has become a well-known figure in the vampire genre. I watched the show True Blood until about season five. … Continued


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My dearest friend Emily had a horrible burn on her foot, and she named it Jermaine. Now, I have a terrible wound on my leg, and I’m naming it Venom, after the Spider-Man villain. My saga begins innocently enough. I … Continued

My Top Five Classic Literature Novels

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Ah, classic literature is something that proclaims its prominent presence on bookshelves. Many authors hope their books reach the same level. I think classic literature is great. I love the stories that have shaped writers since their publication. The books … Continued

For Whom the Radio Tolls

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Every afternoon, my Grandma had a ritual. It was an important time of the day that you didn’t interrupt. The ceremony involved turning on an old-fashioned square radio that had a knob and a speaker that looked like a grill. … Continued

Five reasons to watch Grantchester

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As a period drama addict, I love it when I discover one that is new and addicting. Grantchester is one of  those dramas. It features James Norton as vicar Sidney Chambers and Robson Green as DI Geordie Keating. Sidney is a … Continued

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